Programs and Projects to Help the People of Cuchiverachi

Here at SALUD PARTNERS, we are dedicated to many ongoing projects in Cuchiverachi.

Medical/Dental Project

Medical and dental care was the original focus of SALUD PARTNERS. Although the dormitory project has taken much time and effort, the primary goal of SALUD PARTNERS still is to provide medical and dental care. The common unmet medical needs are infectious diseases, acute and chronic injuries, respiratory diseases and skin problems. The major underlying problem is protein malnutrition which results in delayed growth and development. Lack of clean water and proper sanitation are major health problems.

Dormitory Project

  • The initial need that the Cuchiverachi village elders wanted help with was a dormitory to provide shelter, food and safety for the children of the community who attended the 2 room community school. The children walked from many miles to attend the school and would sleep on the concrete floor of the school room with just one blanket and the teachers would cook meals for them during the week. On weekends the children would hike back to their homes.

  • SALUD PARTNERS agreed to provide a dormitory if the parents of the school children who made use of the dormitory would take turns providing supervision and meals. Since 2006, a large part of the mission effort has been in constructing the dormitory. As of September, 2019 the dormitory building is fully functional and ready for use. The facilities include a kitchen and pantry, dining room, two dorm rooms with bunk beds, 2 bath rooms with vanities, toilets and showers, a resident’s quarters with separate bathroom and shower, a medical clinic room with a locked storage room, and a large community room. The building is equipped with solar power and batteries, its own running water supply and water storage, as well as a solar hot water system. Unfortunately the building has not been used for its intended purpose as a dormitory.

Cumbres Scholarship Program

Like many other small Tarahumara Indian communities, education is provided by the Mexican Federal government through grade 6. Opportunities for further education are limited due to extreme poverty. Children must leave the community and attend school in distant towns and cities where they are responsible for their housing and living expenses.

The parents are unable to afford these expenses and also expect the children to help meet the needs of the family by working on the farm. The Cumbres Scholarship Program promotes the secondary education of young people in Cuchiverachi by providing the means for deserving students to continue their education to prepare them for better employment opportunities, improve communication skills, and eventually assuming positions of leadership in their community.

Clothing Project

Warm winter clothing is distributed to children in Cuchiverachi. We have donated over 299 blankets and more are always needed. We are sensitive to the Tarahumara culture and try to help them preserve their native dress.

We provide large quantities of colorful fabric for their striking clothing. Bolts of calico and solid-color fabric are needed.

Water Project

In 2009, a study was made to determine the feasibility of constructing systems to bring water from local springs to the dormitory and neighboring homes in Cuchiverachi. Presently our water is supplied from springs and stored in large tanks on the hillside above the dorm. Water filters are distributed to provide safe, clean water

Children's Program

The children's program is fun and lively. The children are taught that God loves all His children through fun interactive lessons, learning new songs, arts and crafts, outside games and sports and of course lots of snacks and goodies. The Children’s Program has been one of the most successful parts of the mission. There is a great need for both child and adult education in Cuchiverachi and the people are eager to learn.


A fiesta for the whole village is celebrated on each mission trip which includes a nutritious meal, games for everyone, a pieta party and time for socialization.

Education Project

There is a compelling need for a mid-school in Cuchiverachi since there is no Secondary school in Cuchiverachi or the surrounding communities. Children interested in continuing their education must leave the village and attend school in a distant community. Experience has shown that the cultural barriers of leaving the community are extremely difficult to overcome. Lack of education has contributed to extreme poverty. SALUD PARTNERS is actively planning to initiate a Christian Midschool (Secondaria) for children who have completed their primary schooling. It would be a boarding school for Cuchiverachi and the surrounding communities.

Agriculture/Nutrition Project

Full time staff is needed to implement the goal of providing adequate nutrition. An orchard was planted and a rabbit/chicken building constructed.